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Our Clean and Care Products have been created to maintain the high quality materials used in the production of ECCO footwear for as long as possible. Our wide range of footwear Clean and Care Products were developed by ECCO specialists to keep your shoes pristine. Perfectly clean and protect the surface of your ECCO shoes, no matter the material.


    1. Choose your brushes, creams and sprays carefully - Each type of raw material requires a different product.

    2. Shoes should be laced up when putting on and taking off.

    3. Accurate lacing of the footwear while wearing it prevents chafing of the feet, premature wear of the linings and deformation of the uppers.

    4. When putting on shoes, you should use a shoehorn, and when taking them off, remember to undo the belt or buckle and loosen the laces. This way, damage to the back of the upper is avoided.

    5. Please avoid soaking leather shoes as much as possible. Natural leather is a heterogeneous material and its natural feature is the ability to absorb and transmit water, which is a property not found in other materials. However, this comes at the expense of limited resistance to soaking. In order to protect the upper from soaking, it is recommended to use an impregnation product on a regular basis.

    6. Dry the footwear at room temperature. In order to protect the shoes against deformation, it is recommended to use shoe trees or fill them with paper. Do not use dryers, heaters or other heat sources for drying.

    7. Footwear should be used in accordance with its intended purpose: e.g. use home slippers at home, sports shoes for sports, etc.

    8. The footwear should not be machine washed. Cleaning foam is recommended for cleaning both external and internal elements of footwear.

    9. Footwear should be ventilated as often as possible. Do not use the same pair of shoes every day. Intensive use of one pair of shoes leads to its premature wear.

    10. Do not use instant and shine shoe polishes as they can damage the leather.

    11. Patent leather shoes should not be used in low temperatures.

    12. Dyeing may occur during the initial period of using naturally coloured leather footwear, so it is better to wear darker socks during this period.

    13. Shoes with leather soles require padding, and the soles are not resistant to moisture and should be treated like uppers

    14. Regular replacement of damaged tops, i.e. heels, shoelaces and insoles is the customer's responsibility.

    15. Taking care of the inside of the footwear, maintaining cleanliness, and replacing the linings is the responsibility of the user. In order to extend the freshness of the inside of the footwear and to ensure a healthy internal micro-environment, it is recommended to use a footwear freshener on a regular basis.

Country of origin: see the label on the product.

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